Delicious Lemon Ginger Curd


  • 40 grams WATER
  • 40 grams fresh GINGER
  • 40 grams LIME juice
  • 60 grams unsalted BUTTER
  • 100 grams SUGAR
  • 3 EGGS


  1.  Add chopped ginger into 4 pieces to the bowl, program 8 seconds on speed 8. Scrape down side and repeat this procedure two times.
  2. Use a stainer and a spoon to push the juice through. Collect the juice into a small bowl totalling about 30grams juice.
  3. Place ginger juice, lime juice, eggs, sugar and butter to the bowl, set 30 seconds on speed. Then cook 10 minutes, temperature 80. on speed 2. Scrape down bowl with spatula and cook for additional 2 minutes, temperature 80 on speed2.
  4. Curd will slightly thicken once refrigerated.



Enjoy on ice or waffle!





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