Quick Playdough (no cook, no cream of tartar!)

With an extremely active toddler at home on holidays, I have to be very creative to entertain him… So, let’s DIY playdough on Thermomix!


300gr flour

220gr salt

250gr water

30gr vegetable oil

Food colouring (I used liquid about 5 drops of each colour.)


  • Put all ingredients into the bowl.
  • Mix them on speed 7 until combined.
  • Set function “Kneading” for three minutes.
  • If it is too wet, just add a little more flour.
  • If it is too dry just add a little bit of water slowly to reach desired consistency.

I divided the playdough in five smaller pieces and coloured each one separately… You might need a little help or very solicitous hands 😉

I store them in an air tight container on the fridge. It lasts for about 3 month.


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