Chocolate Tart


  • 200 grams SUGAR
  • 6 EGGS – separate egg yolks from egg white
  • 150 grams BUTTER
  • 250 grams DARK CHOCOLATE
  • 50 grams PLAIN FLOUR

Note: I used 125 grams milk chocolate and 125 grams dark chocolate and so I reduced the amount of sugar to 100 grams!


  • TART PAN – or round fluted tart pan or a backing pan with removable bottom of your choice


  1. Fit the butterfly whisk to the knife, add egg whites set 6 minutes,  speed 3. In the final 20 seconds, add 3 tablespoon sugar. Reserve this mixture in a separate bowl.
  2. Pre-heat oven 200°C
  3. Remove the butterfly whisk. Add remaining sugar, egg yolks butter set  5 minutes, 70°C on speed 4.
  4. Add chocolate, wait a bit until it melts and mix 20 seconds on speed 5.
  5. Add flour and mix 10 seconds on speed 5 helping with spatula.
  6. Fit the butterfly whisk to the knife again. Add egg whites reserved and program  about 15 seconds on speed 2,5.
  7. Pour mixture on greased pan.
  8. Bake for about 10 minutes.

As a result, you will have a tart with slightly moist baked  edges, thin and delicate crust on top and a mousse-consistency interior. Enjoy!


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